Hi, My Name Is Paula Heinonen! Expert in Functional Medicine and Mother of Three Sons.

I graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology (today called Aalto University) as a Master of Science in applied microbiology, applied biochemistry and industrial management in 1986. I continued my studies to become Licentiate of Technology with applied microbiology, biotechnology and food technology as my major and industrial property rights as my professional minor. By my professional education, I am a European Patent Attorney.

After graduation as a Master of Science, I worked as a Research Scientist for five years with an international biotechnology and food industry company. The following eight years I worked with industrial property rights and was in charge of protecting the research in the field of nutrition, gene technology, enzymology and functional food for the same company. In 1997, I founded an education and consulting company called Pro Health Oy. Since then, I have educated and lectured to tens of thousands of people around Finland on wellbeing at work, nutrition and various health problems in both companies and public events.

Well over ten years of work as a research scientist and industrial property rights manager gave me an excellent basis to understand the relationships between nutrition, gut health and biochemical processes. Functional medicine offered a natural continuation based on comprehensive reasoning. My burning interest in functional medicine caught fire in the early 2000’s when I fell ill with work-related asthma which destroyed my health nearly completely. Furthermore, since childhood, I had suffered from recurrent episodes of migraine, allergy and atopy as well as from recurrent sinusitis and bronchitis. I managed to recover and got rid of the chronic health issues mentioned above. Since then, I have acquainted myself with functional medicine in, e.g., the United States, Canada and Europe. FM fascinates because it is logic and holistic. According to functional medicine, all bodily organs are interdependent which is self-evident to me.

I educate nutrition professionals (FM Nutrition Coach™) and teach functional medicine to health care professionals. Since the beginning of 2009, I have had a radio program called Keys of Health (former Pillars of Health). It is run now on the Finnish radio channel Iskelmä (read more). It deals with many different themes related to health, wellbeing and diseases. The program wants to improve wellbeing, health and knowledge by giving the listeners concrete instructions and tools for their daily challenges and health problems. The interviewer is Mikko Siltala.

I have written three health science books:

  • Finally Feeling Well – Get Your Gut in Order with a Healthy Diet, Gummerus, ISBN 978-951-206-978-1
  • Wonder Power to Your Life – New Strength to Carry on, Gummerus, ISBN 951-20-6257-7
  • Yeast Problems – The Intestines and Health, EDITA, ISBN 951-37-3985-6

The books are meant for both health care professionals and ordinary consumers.

Paula Heinonen