How to Apply for Admission to FM Education

Thank you for your interest in FM education. Students of functional medicine education are selected on the basis of applications, and the applicants must meet our basic education requirements. Health care professionals accepted as students have various education backgrounds. For instance, physician (MD), public health nurse, nurse, qualified chemist (M. Pharm.) and nutritional therapist are acceptable. You may also have acquired Pillars of Health education and thereby your education background would be adequate for FM education. For more detailed criteria for education, please click here.

If you meet the education criteria required, please apply for education using the form below. The application must include the following information: age, education, place and year of graduation, work experience and any other info you would like to tell us about yourself.

In the Further Info field, please tell us whether you are coming to complement your professional skills or whether you want to become a professional in FM.

We handle all applications case by case. When your application has been accepted, you are entitled to buy courses, Welcome!

For adding a possible attachment, please click the ’Choose a file’ button (acceptable file forms: doc, docx, odt, pdf, ppt, pptx and jpeg). Please note that loading big files may take a while.