Nutrition Science Online Courses

After a long wait, nutrition science online courses are soon to begin!

We welcome you warmly to an expedition to the world of nutrition science.

These online courses consist of five separate courses which deal with the basics the official nutrition science is based on. From among the vast store of knowledge, we have picked out the most interesting entities that are most beneficial from the practical point of view. The things you learn are of excellent support to both the Pillars of Health and FM education.

It is easy to attend the courses – you can watch and listen to the courses online whenever it suits you best. You can also pass the exams online. If you are planning to continue to FM education, nutrition science online courses (or similar) are necessary and their exams must also be passed. You can find more information on the learning pathway here. The courses are open to all those interested in nutrition science. No basic education is required, so no matter whether you are a hairdresser, personal trainer, bank clerk, nurse, bookkeeper, stewardess, cleaner, secretary, economist, psychologist, teacher, masseur or kindergarten teacher, you are warmly welcome to the online courses!

Nutrition Science Courses in Brief

The first course dives into the basics of nutrition science. You learn what our food is composed of and what roles different nutrients play in our body. You also get to know vitamins and minerals. After the course, you master the basic principles of nutrition science and you know the outlines of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

The second and the third courses take you to the world of wonderful and amazing physiology. We go into the gastrointestinal system and its functioning. We also get to know biochemistry and cell biology. In addition, we handle the following questions:

  • What happens to the nutrients within the organs?
  • How does the liver function?
  • What is the significance of gut microbes for health?

The fourth and fifth courses deal with foodstuffs and nutrition recommendations. You learn what our official nutrition recommendations are like and what kind of recommendations are drawn for different phases of life. We also handle a sportsman’s nutrition, vegetarian diets, allergies, eating disorders and nutritional status assessment.

The teachers are:

Hanna Kivimäki, M.Sc. (Health Sciences), certified nutritional therapist and FM Nutrition Coach®

Minna Vidgren, M.Sc. (Health Sciences) and certified nutritional therapist
Paula Heinonen, Lic.Sc. (Tech., e.g., applied microbiology and biotechnology) and nutrition expert