Pillars of Health® Online Courses

Pillars of Health courses of great popularity to be published also as online courses in 2017. Cordial welcome to a journey towards health and wellbeing!

The first Pillars of Health started in fall 2012. Since then we have been asked to enable also online attendance to the Pillars of Health education. Soon it will be possible.

Pillars of Health® online courses are designed for those interested in their health and wellbeing, and for those wanting to achieve the top form of their lives, and also for those thirsting for knowledge and thinking of a career change. Come and learn what impaired thyroid function, PMS troubles, depression and chronic silent inflammation are, and what can be done about them. Courses help you to understand what role the diet is playing in health and what kind of food your body really needs.  In addition, you get to know interesting things about, e.g., hormones, immunity, sport nutrition, and wellbeing of the gut.

If you are not a health care professional, this course entity enables you also to continue to the FM education. In that case, the first seven PH courses are compulsory. The FM education makes it possible to become a Nutrition Advisor or an FM Nutrition Coach®. The PH online courses are very useful to all those who plan to study functional medicine. No matter whether you are a hairdresser, personal trainer, bank clerk, nurse, bookkeeper, stewardess, cleaner, secretary, economist, psychologist, teacher, masseur or kindergarten teacher, you are warmly welcome to join our wonderful team!

We recommend the Pillars of Health® courses to physicians (MD) and other health care professionals, too. No matter whether you are a nurse, public nurse, physiotherapist, pharmacist or nutritional therapist, you get to know new things and to deepen your professional skills. Even the FM Nutrition Coaches® who have already graduated attend PH courses to revise the basics and to complement their knowledge.

Pillars of Health® education consists of nine courses. We recommend that you attend the PH courses in numerical order. If you are especially interested in a certain subject, e.g., PH2 (gut and its huge significance for health) or PH9 (migraine, menopause, sport nutrition and artificial sweeteners), you can also participate in individual PH courses. However, we hope and recommend that you attend the courses in numerical order. This concerns especially those who have no earlier experience or knowledge of the subject. The courses are designed so that attending them in order (PH1-PH9) gives the best possible learning result.

It is easy to attend the courses – you can watch and listen to the courses online whenever it suits you best. In the future, you can also pass the exams online. If you are planning to continue to the FM education, Pillars of Health courses are necessary, depending on your education background (check here). The PH online courses have been recorded live in the Mäkelä School in Vallilla, Helsinki. Below, a brief description of the contents of the courses. For more detailed contents, click here.

Pillars of Health® Courses in Brief

PH1 course acquaints us with the functional viewpoint of health, with individuality and diet. In addition, we get to know many poisons (such as pesticides, heavy metals, environmental toxins) and their impact on health.

PH2 course dives into the amazing world of the gut. The gut and the bacteria therein are incredibly important for our wellbeing. Among other things, you learn what can be done about various gut issues such as heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diverticula and dysbiosis. We also get to know how the liver functions, what its detoxification system is like and what kind of food is good for the health of the liver.

PH3 course teaches us how to create a strong immune defense. In addition, we learn what kind of food the brain needs, i.e., how to nourish our brain in the best possible way. We also learn what factors must be avoided and what factors accelerate the degeneration of the brain. We also deal with depression and sleep disorders and their treatment.

PH4 course is about the magic of hormones. You learn how disturbed insulin metabolism and stress affect health. You also get to know PMS troubles and their treatment. In addition, we deal with adrenal fatigue and impaired thyroid function (hypothyroidism) as well as the importance of iodine for the organs. You learn in practice how to treat above mentioned disorders.

PH5 course deals with the probably biggest plague of today – chronic silent inflammation which lies behind almost all chronic diseases. We get to know where and how it develops and how it can be prevented. You also learn how the adipose tissue of the body, genes and environmental factors affect chronic silent inflammation. After the course, you know what can do done if the chronic silent inflammation is prevailing in the body.

PH6 course enables you to have a look inside the cell. We dive into cell metabolism and biochemistry. We observe what takes place in the cell and why. What are the marvelous mitochondria and what happens if they do not function properly? You also get to understand why the cell needs vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids. At the same time, you learn how the hazardous substances can weaken the cell function or even kill the cell.

PH7 is the basic course of dietary supplements. We deal with, e.g., vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids. After the course you will know, for instance, how the vitamin C affects your body, why the fatty acids are important and what benefits the antioxidants offer. You learn why, when and how to use dietary supplements in order to make the best possible use of it. You also learn when certain dietary supplements must not be used.

PH8 is the continuation course of dietary supplements. We acquaint ourselves with dietary supplements that relate to, e.g., menopause, wellbeing of the gut, sleep disorders and stress. You get to understand the most important things as to the dosages and combinations of dietary supplements. You also learn which dietary supplements are important for reaching the optimal brain function.

PH9 course was created thanks to the participants’ wishes. It consists of sport nutrition and deals with the role of food in the comprehensive training of a sportsman. In addition, you learn how to treat migraine and menopause troubles in accordance with the principles of functional medicine. We also study what impact artificial sweeteners have on human health.

The teachers will be:
– Paula Heinonen, Lic.Sc. (Tech.), instructor and expert in functional medicin and nutrition
– Hanna Kivimäki, FM Nutrition Coach®, M.Sc. (Health Sciences) and certified nutritional therapist
– Leea Pelto, D.Sc. (Biochemistry)
– Heikki Huovinen, MPhEd (with sports physiology as major), Hintsa Performance