Would You Like to Become a Professional in Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition Education

Functional nutrition is a cross-cutting theme in many of our courses. Both functional medicine courses and Pillars of Health® courses contain plenty of information on functional nutrition. Therefore, it is in a central role when solving various health issues by means of functional medicine. For instance, in the treatment of rheumatic disorders, impaired thyroid function or irritable bowel syndrome, nutrition plays a significant role.

Part of the health care professionals attend FM education in order to complement their professional skills and to apply functional medicine based on biochemical individuality in their work. We recommend to also attend Pillars of Health® courses because they provide a very good foundation for high level FM education. You are most welcome to attend both education entities. Students to the FM education are selected on the basis of the application, and the applicant is presumed to have the required education background. You can file your application here. The Pillars of Health® courses are open for all, and thus no application is required.

Nutrition Advisor and FM Nutrition Coach®

Part of the health care professionals aim to become a Nutrition Advisor, and thereby an FM Nutrition Coach®. Then, in addition to FM education, the learning pathway also includes nutrition science studies, Pillars of Health® courses (online or classroom studies) and possibly also basic medicine studies. Having passed all the required studies and done your diploma work, you become a Nutrition Advisor. Then you can apply for the right to use the registered trademark of FM Nutrition Coach®, which is granted case by case on the basis of your diploma work and course success.

The FM Nutrition Coach® is given, among other things, plenty of material and tools needed at customer meetings. Our nutrition coaches form a tight and warm community supporting each other and the wellbeing of the customer. Our aim is to recover the optimal health of the customer. FM Nutrition Coaches know how to apply functional medicine education and principles in their customer work.

You may be admitted to the FM education even if you are not a health care professional. Applicants other than health care professionals are required to have as their education background the Pillars of Health education, nutrition science online courses, basics of medicine (min. 14 credits), first aid course of the SPR (the Finnish Red Cross) and basics of natural medicine.

The studies for becoming a Nutrition Advisor and an FM Nutrition Coach consist of six basic courses, practical training with customers, FM practical training course and continuation courses. You must pass the exams of 6 basic courses.

  • Six FM courses FM I A-B and FM II A-D with exams passed (18 credits)
  • Practical training with customers and written diploma work (6 credits)
  • PH courses PH4, PH6 and PH7
  • FM Practical training course (2 days)

FM Nutrition Coaches® must also pass the continuation courses right after the graduation at the latest.