On August 29-30, there will be a continuation course FM V A to the gut course. The teachers will be Hannele Kettunen, Dr.Phil., Gut Health Scientist; MD Päivi Mäkeläinen, conversant with functional medicine; and Paula Heinonen. The continuation course will deal, e.g., with the most important bacterial groups in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract during the human life span from birth to old age and with the impact of food on the gut microbiota. We will also acquaint ourselves with the communication between the gut microbes, and with the signaling between the epithelium and the microbes as well as with the most common parasitic infections (amebiasis) and the antiparasitic drugs. We will also deal with the gut-brain axis and study the impact of the gut microbiota and gut health on the local nervous system of the bowel, on the central nervous system and neurotransmitters, and thereby on emotions, moods and behavior. For a more detailed description of the course, click here.